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ARTnews review of WATERWAY

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by Stephanie Strasnick

Bird’s-eye views of local and international waterways were the subject of these eight oil paintings by Fredericka Foster. Ranging from calming images of swaying river tides to misty; rushing falls, the pieces evoked water’s dynamism as well as its tranquility.

The effects of light informed many of the works. In Lake Union (2013), one of the most eye catching pieces in the show, the sun’s ochre and tawny-yellow reflections glinting off choppy, blue-gray waves cause the water to appear ethereal and dreamlike. And in The Golden Hour (2012), rippling, light-blue water melds with pale-gold reflections, recalling the color palette of Monet’s “Water Lilies” paintings. A similar effect is achieved in Fjord III (2013), in which shades of green and aquamarine are woven together with crystal blue.

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Creative Process: Artist Dialogue with Fredericka Foster

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Renowned artist Fredericka Foster will share thoughts on the creative process behind her exhibiton Saturday, April 12 at 5 pm — a Beacon Second Saturday — at Beacon Institute’s Gallery at 199 Main Street. As music plays a key role in her experience while painting, Foster will be joined by musical guests Motherlode Trio and Red will both be playing for a special celebration of inspiration.

In Water Way*, Foster explores waters from the powerful, dramatic fjords of Norway to the urban, industrialized Hudson River, to discover the complex interaction of color, light and energy intrinsic to earth’s most essential element. Always moving water, using oils, she applies layers of complex colors to canvas, creating a visual vibrancy that embodies her deep connection with water, evoking its urgent challenges.

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Food, Water and Art: Connections and Advocacy

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Artists, art writers, and activists will explore the linkages between food, water, and art and consider how aesthetic responses can counter current threats to water and food production. This conversation is organized by Fredericka Foster, a visual artist, water activist, and guest curator of the Cathedral’s 2011–2012 exhibition, The Value of Water.

Participating panelists include Kirby Gookin and Robin Kahn, guest curators of The Value of Food; Ann Marshall; Aviva Rahmani; Daisy Craddock; Lenore Malen; and Benjamin Sutton. A guided tour of the exhibition, led by Gookin and Kahn, will immediately follow the conversation.

This event, which is open to the public, is presented as part of a programming series for the current exhibition, The Value of Food: Sustaining a Green Planet, on view until April 3, 2016.

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