The Cathedral of St. John the Divine and The Value of Water

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by Rev. Dr. James A. KowalskiHuffington Post
“This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands.” — Barack Obama

Something like a sixth of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. And we know that more than 2 million people, most of them children, die every year from diseases directly connected to dirty water. It’s not only developing countries that are suffering, as parts of the United States know firsthand from recent flooding. Pesticides, some banned by other countries, but still used in the United States, run into rivers and streams, contaminating human food harvests and land used to feed livestock.

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Fredericka Foster Shows Us The Value of Water

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The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

Two years in the making, the exhibition The Value of Water is finally open. Below, curator Fredericka Foster discusses the concepts behind her curatorial choices for this expansive project.

We are facing the largest social–environmental upheaval since the industrial age; in less than 20 years, the demand for fresh water will be 40% more than the supply. The purpose of this exhibition is to explore how 39 artists respond to water as subject matter, and to acknowledge the Cathedral as a constructive and healing force to help mitigate the difficulties we face as our access to water changes.

One comes to a cathedral to enjoy a certain kind of experience beyond the routine, and sacred architecture is created in part to assist in this shift from ordinary consciousness to extraordinary consciousness. Art also can evoke this sense of “justrightness.” As we connect to the [art] object, we forget our ordinary selves; rather, we become aware of our most natural state, that of profound respect. It is with this respect that I chose these artists.

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The Value of Water – September 2011- March 2012

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Guest Curator:  Fredericka Foster

“Shortly there will be yet another answer to the question, “ Where’s the water in the Cathedral?” “The Value of Water,” an ambitious installation of art opens in September, 2011. Works by painters, sculptors, and media artists, including the seven presented in the following pages, will be installed in bays of the nave, in various chapels, and along the walls of the Great Crossing. As interpreters of the unseen, artists will help us to see what has been there all along; to strengthen our awareness of water, and to prompt our imaginations in the contemplation of water, from wells and underground springs to surging seas and mighty rivers. With this collection of powerful presentations, there really will be water, water everywhere.

An excerpt from ‘The Value of Water‘ by The Reverend Canon Tom Miller in the book “Water Matters, Why We Need to Act Now to Save our Most Critical Resource is available through, Click here to learn more.

Some thoughts about Fredericka’s paintings

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In viewing Fredericka’s painting I would encourage you to use them as inspiration to pay closer attention next time you see water in motion. If you closely observe each of these paintings of moving water, you will begin to recognize characteristic qualities of the particular location. Usually the qualities are regional, but they can also vary from stream to stream within the same region. Read More