Exploring Catastrophe to Water through Science and Art

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After giving a rapid fire participant talk about the water paintings I make, a group of scientists joined me at Discovery Park near the West Point Treatment plant. The treatment plant had been gushing raw sewage after a catastrophic flood brought it to a halt 2 months before.  Several of us wore white lab coats and rubber gloves as we used water collected near the plant to assist the group in making drawings which would be used in the Climate March for Science the next day.

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The New Environmental Aesthetic

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It is hard to pick up a newspaper these days without coming across a headline story speaking about the precarious state of our environment. Issues such as global climate change, peak oil, genetic engineering, suburban sprawl, bird flu virus and a host of others catch our attention, and become eclipsed by ever new concerns. It is often the case that continued scrutiny of these problems reveals that many of them have very different dimensions than initially described, while the solutions proposed for the problem du jour often turn out to be less of a solution than what was needed, or even become new environmental problems. Read More