Artists Celebrate the Salish Sea: A Collaboration

By November 30, 2018April 12th, 2019News

by Fredericka Foster, Alan Honick, Deborah Baker, Erin Goodwin-Guerrero, Sara Karl, Marcus Patrick Lelle, Becky MacPherson, Sharon Mason, Mahala Mrozek

Drawings, paintings and prints by several artists help share our sense of intimacy with the Salish Sea and all its inhabitants. We explore the dynamics that embody our intense sense of place. From body painting with crab molt to a painting of J-35 pushing her dead calf, to abstracted prints of water, this book gives one a sense of what it means to be a Pacific Northwesterner. Also included are actions you can take to make a difference, either in your home or yard, or as a citizen and political being, regardless of political party. This book is dedicated to J-35, a Southern Resident Killer Whale also known as Tahlequah, and to all who strive to conserve our beautiful world for future generations.

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