Creative Process: Artist Dialogue with Fredericka Foster

By October 20, 2016May 19th, 2020Reviews

Renowned artist Fredericka Foster will share thoughts on the creative process behind her exhibiton Saturday, April 12 at 5 pm — a Beacon Second Saturday — at Beacon Institute’s Gallery at 199 Main Street. As music plays a key role in her experience while painting, Foster will be joined by musical guests Motherlode Trio and Red will both be playing for a special celebration of inspiration.

In Water Way*, Foster explores waters from the powerful, dramatic fjords of Norway to the urban, industrialized Hudson River, to discover the complex interaction of color, light and energy intrinsic to earth’s most essential element. Always moving water, using oils, she applies layers of complex colors to canvas, creating a visual vibrancy that embodies her deep connection with water, evoking its urgent challenges.

Watch a Motherlode Trio Video  –  Visit the Beacon Institute Website