The Tuning Fork

By October 19, 2020November 9th, 2020News

Fredericka Foster, Painter / Water Activist / On-The-Air ICAI Tues. Oct 20, 4pm EST
Institute for Cultural Activism International

Fredericka Foster

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, 4PM EST / 8PM GMT
Institute for Cultural Activism International (ICAI)
New York, NY; Union Square, NY

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We request your engagement on Tues. Oct 20th at 4pm EST in an encounter with artist-activist, Fredericka Foster on THE TUNING FORK.



Fredericka is a fierce water protector and eloquent painter, having merged aesthetic and environmental sensibilities in a powerful expression of socially engaged cultural activism.
~ John Halpern

Fredericka proposes:
Think about this when you first awaken – We are all water filters. Our bodies are mostly water, and we are an intimate part of the hydrological cycle. We intrinsically know that all life depends on water. Looking at water, or a painting of water, resonates in our emotional bodies and minds.

Growing up surrounded by water, and with her indigenous Nordic Sami great-grandmother, Foster has a mythical reverence for water and water culture. As a cultural activist, through her painting and exhibition curating, Foster raises and upholds dialogue, transforming our misperceptions and relationship with environment. Foster is founder of, a water advocacy website that gathers cultural activists, features their work and strengthens the cause – together.

Fredericka is an award winning painter/photographer, numerous solo shows at the Fischbach Gallery and shows internationally. Her curatorial work includes the celebrated Value of Water, at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York. Her collaborations with NGOs and scientists include a presentation of her work to a group of two hundred and fifty scientists[5] and a performance based on sewage spill into Puget Sound, Exploring a Catastrophe to Water Through Science and Art.

Foster ‘s paintings of water actively engage the visual and kinesthetic senses inviting contemplation through our relationship to water; its physicality and resonance in the body, its environmental and socioeconomic forces; psychological meaning and transformative properties.